API Documentation

This is documentation for legacy API backported from Bulwark.

/api/sendrawtransaction POST
Broadcasts a raw transaction on the network. POST a "rawtx" body parameter to get one of three possible results: { raw, decoded, error } Use the optional "?decrypt=1" in GET to get decoded result.
/api/address/[address] GET
Returns information for given address.
/api/block/[blockhash][height] GET
Returns block information for the given hash or height.
/api/masternodecount GET
Returns masternodes enabled and total counts.
/api/peer GET
Returns peer information.
/api/supply GET
Returns circulating and total supply information.
/api/tx/latest GET
Returns latest transaction information.
/api/tx/[txid] GET
Returns information for the given transaction.
/api/getdifficulty GET
Returns the current difficulty.
/api/getblockcount GET
Returns the current block index.
/ext/getmoneysupply GET
Returns the current money supply.
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